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Hi guys!
Welcome to my profile :)
For those of you who do not know me, my name is Kate, I'm from the UK and I have real bad luck with cars... hehe
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Videos von Kate (16)

  • Reluctant Start HD

    Dauer: 6:46 Minuten
    Preis: 731 Coins
    I know the mornings have been cold lately but I am really growing tired of my car struggling to start every morning. Every day it's the same thing, a battle to get the engine started before the battery dies. Either the car starts and runs badly, or I end up having to bump start it in reverse - which I hate! Today the battery grows weaker & weaker, I start to doubt it'll start this morning atall... To my surprise, it does! I rev the car to warm it up and it sounds like it is running suspiciously good for a change....
  • Boots Lingerie Kick Start HD

    Dauer: 4:48 Minuten
    Preis: 519 Coins
    Wearing just thigh high boots, lace underwear and a t-shirt, I try to start up my scooter! First I slip my bare feet into these super high stripper boots while sat on the bike. After kicking for a while, I check the key is turned and that the kick starter is not jammed before trying again to get the moped to fire to life!
  • Steamy Rev Punishment HD

    Dauer: 16:58 Minuten
    Preis: 1833 Coins
    The uno has been a real pain lately, problem after problem and its still running bad and flooding too easily. Well it's time to show this car who is boss! Theres no reason why we can't enjoy this too! Dressed in nothing but a jumper, thong and leather boots, I tease you and the cars pedals with my long bare legs, boots, I know you love me when I'm flirty and I know you love to see my thighs bounce when pumping even more! ;-) The car begins to smoke out the exhaust and out of the engine before I finally let up and strike my victory pose next to the steaming engine!
  • BMW Gym Failure HD

    Dauer: 6:50 Minuten
    Preis: 738 Coins
    I'm cutting it fine for time already. my gym class starts soon so I really need to get a move on! I clamber into the E46 BMW, get settled and start the car - only trouble is, it doesnt start up! It cranks over and over but just does not fire up! I try pumping the gas pedal with my new nike sneakers. When it looks like I wont be making it to my class on time things take a turn for the better.
  • 9 Lives HD

    Dauer: 12:18 Minuten
    Preis: 1328 Coins
    So after more repairs and being off the road for a while, the uno is finally fixed and running again! This video is set in a casual chatty update manner, I tell you about the cars problems, history and after having some bits changed over, together we try and start it up for the first time! Not without needing to pump the pedal with my bare feet... some things never change!
  • Kinky Harley Rev Up HD

    Dauer: 9:31 Minuten
    Preis: 1028 Coins
    Dressed in skin tight slash cut leggings, a studded black top and super sexy PVC thigh high boots, I check out the HD... I love this bike, how it looks, sounds and feels! I start up the bike and slide onto the seat before revving it to life. I light up a cigarette and rev the bike up while I smoke. After I have finished smoking I set to really revving up the engine and enjoying the bike ;-)

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