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    Videos von Tessa (5)

    • Vacuuming and Dancing

      Dauer: 8:16 Minuten
      Preis: 397 Coins
      I'm in a happy mood today. I'm vacuuming my livingroom with my toughts on my ex boyfriend. I dance and sing along with the song "i ain't your mama". Some sexy dancing and vacuuming in this video...
    • Car Problems

      Dauer: 7:37 Minuten
      Preis: 548 Coins
      I'm really tressed in this video. I woke up too late this morning and i'm in a kind of hurry. Tressed as i am i went to the car. I try to start the engine but it stalls over and over. Everytime it runs i revv the engine hard so it keeps running. It's doesn't seem to be my lucky day... i'm so confused i still wears my pyjama while i'm trying to get the car running. When it finaly runs i starts to drive so i don't lose any more of my precious time. Will my car keep driving???
    • Revving and Littering

      Dauer: 9:18 Minuten
      Preis: 614 Coins
      Me and my girlfrend decide to revv the engine of my car. While we are revving we smoking cigarettes and make selfies with our smart-phones. We have lots of fun! After revving for a while we got really thirsty. So i grab a plastic bag with bottles. But they are all empty... We were very disappointed and decide to throw all the trash outside the car. When the bag is empty Sadie drives off. We leave all the mess behind without any care...
    • Revving Battle

      Dauer: 8:18 Minuten
      Preis: 448 Coins
      Hi everybody. In this video you can see me with my girlfrend Sadie. I'm dressed like a supergirl and Sadie is Toby :-) We both own a cabrio. The Peugeot cabrio is mine and Toby owns a Renault Megane Cabrio. In this video we have a revving battle. We try to beat each other producing the most noise by revving the car... Who will win this fight? Is it me or Sadie?
    • Revving in Black Leggins

      Dauer: 9:02 Minuten
      Preis: 542 Coins
      Hi boys. Right here you can see my new video. I'm revving my Peugeot while i'm smoking a cigarette and texting with my phone. In the last part of the video i went for a ride in my cab... xxx Tessa

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