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    • Englisch - Cranking in Blue Bikini

      Dauer: 8:30 Minuten
      Preis: 408 Coins
      I going for a swim on a cold winters day. I'm already wearing my tight bikini. Suddenly i recieve a call from my girlfrend wich askes if i'm already there. I'm about to leave and try to start my car. The engine refuses to start. I crank the engine over and over again. When the flooded engine starts it produces lots of smoke. I'm looking over my shoulder and look at the clouds of smoke passing by. I'm smiling about it. I'm revving the engine to make sure it doesn't stall anymore...
    • Revving Rover in New Boots

      Dauer: 5:44 Minuten
      Preis: 310 Coins
      Hi Guys. I bought myself some new boots. I want to try them out revving a car. I'm taking my fathers Rover and revv the engine. Some white smoke appears from the exhaust. The smoke floats towards some cows in the meadow. You know, i love places likes this to revv the engine. My new boots are doing a good job. I'm satisfied with them. I also wear black stockings and a tight blue dress...
    • My First Cranking

      Dauer: 11:21 Minuten
      Preis: 886 Coins
      I'm trying to start the engine over and over again in this video. This old car has to run! You can see the cranking action from different POV's. When i finaly get the engine running i'm  revving the hell out of it...
    • Revving and Smoking

      Dauer: 9:33 Minuten
      Preis: 744 Coins
      You can see me revving and smoking in this clip. I'm wearing black stockings and a green tight shirt wich is pushed forward by my big boobs. See my beautiful body, hear the engine screaming and watch me relaxing and smoking while i let the engine do the hard work...
    • My First Revving

      Dauer: 9:58 Minuten
      Preis: 717 Coins
      Hi guys... My first video here... If you like a custom video. please feel free to contact me. xxx. I'm walking near a forest everyday. The day before shooting this video i saw an old car with keys left in it. I have got no drivers license but i'm very curious when it comes to engines and cars. So i grab the key but was affraid the owner was around. I  left as fast as she could. The next day i went back to the old car again. Without a doubt i'm starting the engine. I'm smiling because i'm excited. I always wanted this to do.... Revving engines. I know some horses a near the car and i pollute the air they breathe. Very bad for the health of these guys but i don't mind. Later i  put the chair in a relax position and enjoy my first car experience....

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