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Hi Guys. My name is Shirley. Enjoy my video store and feel free to tribute me and write me a message... xxx
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    Videos von Shirley (10)

    • Driving in Cabrio

      Dauer: 10:41 Minuten
      Preis: 705 Coins
      Hi Guys. In the last video you could see me revving my Peugeot Cabrio. This time i'm driving the cab with open roof. I'm having fun with my girlfrend who's doing the filming this time. I reach 130 on the speedway... Come and take a ride with me... Driving just for fun in my luxury car :-)
    • Revving in Cabrio

      Dauer: 9:17 Minuten
      Preis: 668 Coins
      In this video you can have a look in my luxury life. I own a peugeot cabrio. In a nice and quiet place in the forest i start some revving action before i drive off. I'll begin the video showing the nice and luxury options of my car. I like to play with it. I put on some make-up, lipstick on and while i do the revving action you can see my sexy feet, pedals, face and body...
    • Revving in Party Dress

      Dauer: 8:16 Minuten
      Preis: 496 Coins
      Hi guys. Here i'm back with another car video. I'm revving the engine today in my tight party dress. Views from the front, near, back and legs/feet. I have lots of fun revving this car... Check it out!
    • My First Revving Experience

      Dauer: 8:12 Minuten
      Preis: 541 Coins
      Hi Boys. In my first video i also have my first revving experience. I wear a nice pink summer dress. My legs and feet are good visible. In my white flipflops i start revving the car. Curious as i am what the engine will do when i hit that pedal. After a few minutes i put on some red lipstick while i continue revving the car. You can see me from the front, back, left and right side. Check it out...
    • Vacuuming Furniture

      Dauer: 9:21 Minuten
      Preis: 505 Coins
      In this video i'm vacuuming the furniture. I wear your favorite pink bikini again :-) xxx me.
    • Dancing and Poverty

      Dauer: 7:42 Minuten
      Preis: 370 Coins
      Imagine yourself. Continents full of people living in poverty. A burning sun and no food. But then there is me.... Your favorite girl in that sexy pink bikini you really love. In this video i'm celebrating i'm not living in a third world country. So i'm dancing and having fun while i look at pictures of famine... Ow btw... if you are planning to donate something for the poor people... Please let me know by sending you're donation to me instead of charity :-)

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