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Forest Pollution

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In this clip you can see me doing some real good forest pollution. I'm wearing a sexy blue bikini and walks towards the FIAT Punto. I start the car and revv it up a few times. After my revving session i go to the Daihatsu Cuore wich is a big polluter! I start revving the Daihatsu without giving the car any rest! Meanwhile i keeps the engine of the FIAT running so some extra pollution is caused. The Daihatsu Cuore is a very old car wich produces lots of blue smoke while revving. You can see smoke clouds hanging between the trees and plants. I'm having great fun to pollute the beautiful forest. At the end of the clip i have a little extra for you. I'm aware of the fact that the green leaves turn over her Co2 into oxygen. Just to make sure this will happen not to fast i'm crushing some leaves and plants in my sexy outfit with my beautiful feet. I'm causing a lot of damage to the forest in this video!!! Love it...

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