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Fast Food

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Irma 11:03 Min. NUR 729 Coins √
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After a long journey I get really hungry. Si i order lots of food at a Drive-In restaurant. I'm eating the food at a quiet place in the forrest. While i'm standing in my sexy red bikini in front of my car i eat the meat. It's really disgusting so i'm throwing it away and crush what is left of the meat. It's not my problem that poor people are beggin for it. You understand what i'm saying? Maybe the fries will taste better. I don't think so and decides to throw the fries away also. When i continu my driving i'm only having a bag, **** and napkins left. Without any care i throw it out of the car. I continu my driving in her cabrio without any junk in her car. Nicely in the sun. Life is good!
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