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Pedal Fight

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Lucie 9:04 Min. NUR 599 Coins √
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Lucy really loves cars. On a sunny day she decides to go for a ride. But things turned out differntly than she expected. She knows she has to rev the engine hard at the beginning to keep it running. So she revvs like she always does.... Suddenly she hears the engine making a lot of noise without touching the gaspedal. How is that possible? She get's a little worried. She pumps the gaspedal hard to calm the engine. When this doesn't work she turns off the engine. While she pulls out the key the car seems to live it's own life!!! It takes seconds before the engine is shut down completely. Lucy takes out her high-heels to feel the pedal better. She starts revving again with a lot of noise. With her barefoot she kicks the pedal hard to calm the engine. Finaly she controls the car and the beautiful blonde Lucy is happy. She finally can rev the car like she always does. At the end the car seems to get naughty again... Will Lucy win this pedal-fight?

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